1 March 2013

What I read in February 2013

February is one of those months that simply skates by, but it was a good reading month for me, with lots of Australian authors read.
11 books altogether, tow audio books, 6 Australian authors and another book set in Australia, 4 library books.

My pick of the month was THE MISTAKE by Wendy James but as you'll see from the list a few other close contenders: THE BAT by Jo NesboTHE BETRAYAL by Y.A.Erskine, and  DEGREES OF CONNECTION by Jon Cleary
THE MISTAKE was another fascinating read from Australian author Wendy James. (I read WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? last year).

Jodie Garrow kept a secret about her first baby, Elsa Mary, for twenty four years. When her teenage daughter Hannah breaks her leg on a school excursion she is hospitalised by chance at the very hospital where Jodie gave birth to her first child. Hannah shares a genetic characteristic with the earlier baby, and by chance a nurse at the hospital recognises this and then recognises Jodie. Thus begins the chain of events that leads to the investigation of what happened to baby Elsa Mary Evans.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I agree completely about The Mistake. It's a terrific novel with some great characterisation. For me anyway it's been one of those 'stay with you' books.


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