21 June 2013

Forgotten Book: ANGEL TOUCH, Mike Ripley

My plan this year for my contributions to Friday's Forgotten Books hosted by Pattinase is to feature books I read 20 years ago - in 1993- from the records I have in my "little green book", which I started in 1975.
In 1993 I read 111 books and was pretty well addicted to crime fiction by then.

My choice this week is ANGEL TOUCH by Mike Ripley.

This book was #2 in Ripley's Fitzroy Maclean series
  • Just Another Angel (1988)
  • Angel Touch (1989)
  • Angel Hunt (1990)
  • Angels in Arms (1991)
  • Angel City (1994)
  • Angel Confidential (1995)
  • Family Of Angels (1996)
  • That Angel Look (1997)
  • Bootlegged Angel (1999)
  • Lights, Camera, Angel (2001)
  • Angel Underground (2002)
  • Angel on the Inside (2003)
  • Angel In The House (2005)
  • Angel's Share (2006)
  • Angels Unaware (2008)

The London Stock Exchange can be a peculiar and dangerous place when financial reputations are at stake and no end of shocking scams and insider dealings are lurking under the surface. Enigmatic band leader Fitzroy Maclean Angel is drawn into this intrigue and puts his knowledge to work. 

The Angel series are comedy thrillers set mainly in Essex and London's East End. Ripley won the CWA's Last Laugh Award for best humorous crime novel for ANGEL TOUCH in 1989 and ANGELS IN ARMS in 1991.

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