5 October 2013

New to me crime fiction authors read July to September 2013

I love reading the work of new crime fiction authors, particularly discovering someone whom I can follow over the years.

In 2012 I read 48, and in the year before I read 60, so I think I'm well on track to meet a target something like that.
By the end of June I had read 37 this year and now I'm up to 51, which is more than I read for the whole of 2012.

As my total list for 2013 is 109, this means that about one in every two books that I read is from a new-to-me author.

Included in the list here are some of not-crime-fiction books (NCF)
See what others have chose for their books in the new-to-me meme.


Anonymous said...

Well done you, Kerrie, and a nice selection, too. I still want to read Pago Pago Tango and you've reminded me I need to do that.

Marce said...

Great books. I was so impressed with Primal. I enjoyed Bedbugs too.


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