7 October 2013

2013 Global Reading Challenge Completed

I committed myself to reading 21 titles, all crime fiction, 3 titles each from 7 "continents". My 7th continent - set on a small island.

Perhaps the only place I could have done "better" was in South America, where I have 2 novels from Brazil - one translated, and one in English.

Blog site: 2013 Global Reading Challenge

I've also created an image to show where I've travelled.

create your own visited country map

  1. 4.7, KINGDOM OF STRANGERS, Zoe Ferraris (Saudi Arabia) - not Africa, see comment below
  2. 4.4, SHADOW OF THE ROCK, Thomas Mogford (Tangiers) 
  3. 5.0, DEADLY HARVEST, Michael Stanley (Botswana) 
  4. 4.9, SILENT VALLEY, Malla Nunn (South Africa)
  2. 4.5, GHOST MONEY, Andrew Nette (Thailand, Cambodia)
  3. 3.7, BAMBOO AND BLOOD, James Church (Korea)
Australasia/Oceania (my modification) 
  1. 4.9, BLACKWATERCREEK, Geoffrey McGeachin (Australia)
  2. COLD GRAVE, Kathryn Fox (Australia - on cruise boat) 
  3. 4.9, CAPTURED, Neil Cross (New Zealand author)
An extra hurdle for Australasia - at least one from New Zealand.
I can count separate Australian states.

  1. 4.5, TUESDAY'S GONE, Nicci French (Britain)
  2. 4.4, ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER LIFE, Leif GW Persson  (Sweden)
  3. 4.3, ANNA MARKLIN'S FAMILY CHRONICLES, Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen (Denmark)
North America 
  1. 4.8, GONE GIRL, Gillian Flynn (America)
  2. 4.0, MURDER IN A BASKET, Amanda Flower (Ohio)
  3. 4.9, THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, Louise Penny (Canada) 
South America
  1. 4.6, BLACKOUT,  Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza (Brazil)
  2. 4.6, THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES, Eduardo Sacheri (Argentina) 
  3. 4.5, EVERY BITTER THING, Leighton Gage (Brazil)
7th Continent: Set on a small island 
  1. 4.3, AN ARTISTIC WAY TO GO, Roderic Jeffries (Mallorca)
  2. 4.7, THE BETRAYAL, Y.A.Erskine (Tasmania)
  3. 4.3, PAGO PAGO TANGO, John Enright (Samoa)


Anonymous said...

Kerrie, that's very impressive.

I'm rushing to catch up, as I committed to reading 21 books for the global reading challenge. I've still got one to go in Latin America and two go to in historical crime fiction, my 7th "continent."

However, one geographical point: Saudi Arabia is in Asia, not Africa. It's in the Middle East, which is part of Asia.

Kerrie said...

Yes, my geography there is a bit wonky Kathy.
I realised that when I put the map together, so I'll need another for Africa

Kerrie said...

I intend to read SILENT VALLEY by Malla Nunn

Marina Sofia said...

Well done! I am still struggling to complete my only 2 from each continent challenge. It is amazing how we tend to fall into patterns, even when we think we are quite adventurous in our reading!

Anonymous said...

Silent Valley is very good, as are all of Malla Nunn's books, in my opinion.

As I said, I have 3 more to read and books in 2 more countries to reach my goal.

Eva said...

That's great! Congratulations.
I'm still completely missing Latin America and Oceania on my 2 from each continent challenge. I'm way up on all the other continents though. :-)


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