8 October 2013

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival - summary for September 2013

September saw commemorations of Agatha Christie's 123rd birthday and so some of the posts in the Blog Carnival relate to that.

There are of course the usual spate of reviews, as well as some news items

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Participants
1. Episode-by-episode: The Mystery of the Blue Train
2. Bev@My Reader's Block (Elephants Can Remember)
3. New Poirot to be written by Sophie Hannah
4. short story - Jane in Search of a Job (@Clothes in Books)
5. THE A.B.C. MURDERS - Peggy Ann's Post
6. THE A.B.C. MURDERS - Carol's Notebook
7. Agatha Christie Visits a Literary Agency
8. Agatha Christie on Writing - Angela Savage
9. Happy Birthday Agatha Christie
10. Agatha Christie Birthday Quiz
11. Kerrie- Review, THE CLOCKS
12. Subscribe to Agatha Christie newsletter

If you would like to contribute to the next Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival, it is now open.

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