19 December 2013

On my predilection for British crime fiction

I don't suppose that I should have been surprised that, out 133 books read so far this year, 50 of them are by British authors. After all, last year it was 60 out of 142.
I'll have a couple more to add to my list by year's end. (I'm currently enjoying an audio version of Christopher Fowler's FULL DARK HOUSE, the beginning of the Bryant & May series.)

Of course each year the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge accounts for 12 titles.
And I have to admit that I have still more unread British titles on my shelves and on my Kindle.
Nevertheless I join a British reading challenge each year, really just as an excuse to record what I read.

Here is my list for this year.
You'll see there are many excellent reads among them.
  1. 4.4, NO MERCY, Wendy Cartmell
  2. 4.5, TUESDAY'S GONE, Nicci French
  3. 4.2, DESTINATION UNKNOWN, Agatha Christie
  4. 4.9, THE DARK WINTER, David Mark 
  5. 4.5, THE OFFICE OF THE DEAD, Andrew Taylor 
  6. 4.3, AN ARTISTIC WAY TO GO, Roderic Jeffries
  7. 4.0, REVENGE OF THE TIDE, Elizabeth Haynes 
  8. 4.4, SHADOW OF THE ROCK, Thomas Mogford 
  9. 4.2, MRS QUEEN TAKES THE TRAIN, William Kuhn - NOT crime fiction
  10. 4.1, DEAD MAN'S FOLLY, Agatha Christie 
  11. 4.3, TRIAL BY FIRE, Frances Fyfield 
  12. 4.4. AGENT 6, Tom Rob Smith 
  13. 4.3, SO MUCH BLOOD, Simon Brett 
  14. 5.0, DEAD WATER, Ann Cleeves 
  15. 4.4, 4.50 FROM PADDINGTON, Agatha Christie 
  16. 4.4, THE CARRIER, Sophie Hannah 
  17. 4.8, THE HIGHLAND WITCH (aka CORRAG), Susan Fletcher 
  18. 4.5, BRYANT & MAY AND THE INVISIBLE CODE, Christopher Fowler
  19. 4.1, THE BAGHDAD RAILWAY CLUB, Andrew Martin
  20. 4.7, THE EARTH HUMS IN B FLAT, Mari Strachan 
  21. 4.5, ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE, Agatha Christie 
  23. 4.4, THE LOST LIBRARY, A.M. Dean 
  24. 4.7, BRING UP THE BODIES, Hilary Mantel 
  25. 4.8, THE TOOTH TATTOO, Peter Lovesey 
  26. 5.0, THE LEWIS MAN, Peter May 
  27. 4.6, THE FROZEN SHROUD, Martin Edwards
  28. 4.2, A DECENT INTERVAL, Simon Brett 
  29. 4.3, CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS, Agatha Christie 
  30. 4.4, THE PALE HORSE, Agatha Christie 
  31. 4.5, BONES UNDER THE BEACH HUT, Simon Brett 
  32. 4.2, GUNS IN THE GALLERY, Simon Brett 
  33. 4.6, THE CORPSE ON THE COURT, Simon Brett 
  34. 4.4, SHORT SENTENCE: 10 stories of dastardly deeds, Parker Bilal et al 
  35. 4.7, THE MIRROR CRACK'D FROM SIDE TO SIDE, Agatha Christie 
  36. 4.7, GODS AND BEASTS, Denise Mina 
  37. 4.8, A DARK ADAPTED EYE, Barbara Vine
  39. 3.8, THE DEVIL'S MOON, Peter Guttridge 
  40. 4.2, THE CLOCKS, Agatha Christie 
  41. 4.7, WAITING FOR WEDNESDAY, Nicci French 
  42. 4.5, MISS MARPLE STORIES: SOLVING SIX, Agatha Christie 
  43. 4.6, THE MASTER OF THE MOOR, Ruth Rendell
  44. 4.5, M.O. CRIMES OF PRACTICE, Martin Edwards (edit) 
  45. 4.4, A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY, Agatha Christie 
  46. 4.5, REFUSAL, Felix Francis
  47. 5.0, THE CUCKOO'S CALLING, J.K. Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith 
  48. 4.5, NO MAN'S NIGHTINGALE, Ruth Rendell 
  49. 4.3, SHADOW OF THE SERPENT, David Ashton 
  50. 4.3, AT BERTRAM'S HOTEL, Agatha Christie 


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Nothing at all wrong with a liking for British crime fiction. Erm - or if there is, I'm in trouble... ;-)

Irene said...

I'm in trouble too! love it.


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