25 September 2014

Sustaining a challenge for six years

A post by Margaret over at BooksPlease is a timely reminder that we have been about the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge for 6 years now, having begun it in September 2008.

Margaret has 12 titles to go, while I have just 4. I've begun ELEPHANTS CAN REMEMBER and should finish it in the next day or so.

Others who began the challenge with us have fallen by the wayside but there are still plenty more who have joined and are reading along at their own pace.

Every month we put up a Blog Carnival so that people can post their reviews and give us an update.

I've listed the 62 titles read so far under Agatha Christie Novels. I've been reading and recording short stories too but it is getting harder to locate what I haven't read. I am using the list at Wikipedia of novels and collections of short stories.

My original intent was a better appreciation of Agatha Christie as a writer, and I certainly think I have gained that.  I have learnt to see her not just as a mystery writer, but as a keen observer of people, and a social commentator, particularly of the changing nature of British society as it was affected by the two world wars, and the speed of change after 1945.


Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Kerrie - I've loved reading along with you these last six years - can't believe it's SIX years! I'm so glad you had such a brilliant idea. As you know I've not read the books in order but I have been amazed at the depth of Agatha Christie's writing not just ingenious plots but good characterisation and social commentary as you say.

I'm thinking of trying to read through Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine's books now - what do you think? Not quite as many books!

Clothes In Books said...

Good for you Kerrie - what a great challenge and what a great sense of achievement you must have. I love reading your Christie reviews, and joining in with the monthly round-up - thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Kerrie! I think among many other things it's gotten people interested in Christie's work and helped to sustain interest in her as a writer and a person. I hope the challenge keeps going!

Scott said...

Way to go

Irene said...

Wow only so few titles left, I joined your challenge, but I don't ever remember to post on the Carnival, my list of tbr is much longer. I'm afraid I'd miss her if I finished reading them all. But yes you are right she was a keen observer, and I love how "political" some of her views are. Thanks for your inspiration.

TracyK said...

I credit this challenge for getting me back into reading Agatha Christie books, even though I have not read any in 2014. I do hope you continue the Blog Carnival. I still have lots left to read.


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