27 December 2014

My top reads for 2014

The book that I'm currently reading looks like lasting me to the end of the year, and won't make it into my top reads, so I am pretty safe in displaying the top of my 2014 reading list here.

There is a good smattering of Australian authors ** amongst them, and for the most case those titles are recently published.
The list also includes some of those authors that I think of as my favourites - Michael Robotham, Jo Nesbo, Geoffrey McGeachin, Ann Cleeves, Louise Penny, Charles Todd, and Michael Stanley.

In reality there is probably not a lot of difference between top and bottom, and of course they are all crime fiction.
  1. 5.0, LIFE OR DEATH, Michael Robotham **
  2. 5.0, THE SON, Jo Nesbo
  3. 5.0, SWIMMING IN THE DARK, Paddy Richardson 
  4. 4.9, ST KILDA BLUES - Geoffrey McGeachin **
  5. 4.9, IN THE MORNING I'LL BE GONE, Adrian McKinty **
  6. 4.9, HARBOUR STREET, Ann Cleeves  
  7. 4.9, A WHISPERED NAME, William Brodrick
  8. 4.9, THE LONG WAY HOME, Louise Penny 
  9. 4.8, PRESENT DARKNESS, Malla Nunn **
  10. 4.8, FATAL IMPACT, Kathryn Fox **
  11. 4.8, A FEARSOME DOUBT, Charles Todd
  12. 4.8, DEAD CAT BOUNCE, Peter Cotton **
  14. 4.8, DYING FALL, Elly Griffiths - audio book
  15. 4.8, BITTER WATER, Gordon Ferris
  16. 4.8, HOLY ORDERS, Benjamin Black
  17. 4.8, CINDERELLA GIRL, Carin Gerhardsen  
  18. 4.8, LIFE AFTER LIFE, Kate Atkinson
  19. 4.8, THE WHITE CORRIDOR, Christopher Fowler  
  20. 4.7, GETTING WARMER, Alan Carter -  **


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful list!!

I have heard of many of these books, but have only read THE LONG WAY HOME.

Happy New Year!!

Silver's Reviews

Anonymous said...

Lots of books to add to my TBR shelves, Kerrie. On first sight I've read only one on your list but have several waiting TBR any time soon.

Unknown said...

Great list! I loved Life After Life and The Long Way Home, but I haven't read the others. I'm adding some of these to my list. Happy New Year!


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