6 February 2015

Review: THE BACK ROAD, Rachel Abbot

Synopsis (author website)

One girl is fighting for her life in hospital… One village is struggling to hold tight to its secrets. When a young girl is knocked over and left for dead at the side of the road, the small community of Little Melham goes into shock. Why was Abbie out so late at night, and why wasn’t she missed?

For Ellie Saunders, the truth about that night could put her marriage and even the safety of her children in jeopardy. She has to protect her family, no matter what the consequences. Former DCI Tom Douglas thought that Little Melham would offer a peaceful retreat from the daily trauma of his work for the Met.

But as he is drawn into the web of deceit, his every instinct tells him that what happened to Abbie was more than a tragic accident…

Only one person knows the whole story – why Abbie was out that night, and who was driving the car. For that person, the accident spells disaster, and somebody has to pay.

My Take

I am so pleased to have discovered Rachel Abbott. Like #1 in the DI Tom Douglas series, this has a complex plot. The hit/run accident to young Abbie Campbell triggers all sorts of seethings in a cauldron of close friends.

All the main cast are introduced to the readers at a party at Ellie and Max Saunders' house. Among the guests, mainly close friends, are their newest neighbour Tom Douglas, and Ellie's sister Leo, for whom Ellie's renovated house holds dreadful memories.

When the driver of the hit/run vehicle does not come forward, Tom is approached by Steve, the detective inspector in charge of the investigation, who asks him to keep his ear close to the ground. But almost everyone is holding something back, and Ellie is particularly close to the chase because she is the nurse looking after young Abbie at the local hospital. She is also being stalked and blackmailed.

A great read.

My rating: 4.9

I've also reviewed #1 in the series

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Kay said...

This book sounds very good. I think I have another of this author's books on my Kindle already - SLEEP TIGHT. Seems to also have the DCI character. I think I'll pick up the first two to read soon.


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