2 February 2015

What I read in January 2015

Pick of the Month 2015
I've begun the new year with an astounding amount of reading, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep it up.
  1. 4.8, ONLY THE INNOCENT, Rachel Abbott
  2. 5.0, ENTRY ISLAND, Peter May 
  3. 4.0, THE GOLDEN CLAW, Sax Rohmer - vintage crime, publ. 1915
  4. 4.2, THE MAN WHO WATCHED THE TRAINS GO BY, Georges Simenon - vintage crime
  5. 4.6, THIN AIR, Ann Cleeves 
  6. 4.3, GAME FOR FIVE, Marco Malvaldi - translated
  7. 4.3, MASTERMIND, Helen Goltz - female Aussie author
  8. 4.7, PUT ON BY CUNNING, Ruth Rendell  
  9. 4.7, WEB OF DECEIT, Katherine Howell - female Aussie author
  10. 4.1, THE STEEL SPRING, Per Wahloo - translated
  11. 4.2, THE CORNISH COAST MURDER, John Bude - vintage crime
  12. 5.0, HADES, Candice Fox - female Aussie author 
  13. 4.3, THE MONOGRAM MURDERS, Sophie Hannah - revival of Hercule Poirot?? 
  14. 4.8, CLOSED FOR WINTER, Jorn Lier Horst - translated
  15. 4.3, MURDER ON THE THIRTY FIRST FLOOR, Per Wahloo -translated
My Pick of the Month was a toss up between  ENTRY ISLAND by Peter May and HADES by Candice Fox. 
I'm leaning just a bit towards the latter because she is an Australian author.

See what others have chosen for this month.


Anonymous said...

Most impressive, Kerrie! You've had a great month.

Marina Sofia said...

Now that's what I call a reading month - well done!


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