2 April 2016

New to me authors, January to March 2016

About half of my reading this year has been from new to me authors.

Some like Tami Hoag, Erle Stanley Gardner, and Barbara Nadel are really authors I should have tackled before.

Others like Australian authors Nigel Bartlett, J.M Green, Cath Furla, L.J.M. Owen, and Melanie Casey are new on the scene. As always I am indebted to publishers for review copies of these novels.
  1. 4.4, KING OF THE ROAD, Nigel Bartlett
  2. 4.3, GOOD MONEY, J. M. Green
  3. 4.5, EDGE OF WILD, D.K. Stone 
  4. 4.8, THE BLOOD STRAND, Chris Ould
  5. 4.3, GHOST GIRLS, Cath Ferla   
  6. 4.2, THE UNFUR-TUNATE VALENTINE'S SCAM, Alannah Rogers 
  7. 4.4, OLMEC OBITUARY, L.J.M. Owen 
  8. 4.4, THE CASE OF THE VELVET CLAWS, Erle Stanley Gardner 
  9. 4.3, MURDER ON THE HOUR, Elizabeth J. Duncan 
  10. 4.9, WHAT SHE NEVER TOLD ME, Kate McQuaile 
  11. 4.4, BOGMAN, R.I. Olufsen 
  12. 4.8, TWISTER, Jane Woodham 
  13. 4.5, MISSING, Melanie Casey 
  14. 4.7, ENOUGH ROPE, Barbara Nadel 
  15. 4.1, SMALLBONE DECEASED, Michael Gilbert 
  16. 4.9, ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING, Evie Wyld 
  17. 4.8, THE WIDOW, Fiona Barton 
  18. 4.4, FATAL ERROR, Michael Ridpath 
  19. 4.4, A RISING MAN, Abir Mukherjee 
  20. 4.5, THE BITTER SEASON, Tami Hoag 

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