4 June 2017

What I read in May 2017

A good month, but just a few less books
  1. 4.5, INSIDE THE BLACK HORSE, Ray Berard New Zealand writer
  2. 4.8, WHY DID YOU LIE? Yrsa Sigurdadottir   Winner of the Petrona Award   
  3. 4.4, A JARFUL OF ANGELS, Babs Horton
  4. 4.7, YOU WILL KNOW ME, Megan Abbott 
  5. 4.5, DICTATOR, Robert Harris    audio book
  6. 4.6, THE HUSBAND'S SECRET, Liane Moriarty  Australian author
  7. 4.5, TELL THE TRUTH, SHAME THE DEVIL, Melina Marchetta    Australian author
 My pick of the month is WHY DID YOU LIE? by Yrsa Sigurdadottir
A journalist on the track of an old case attempts suicide.
An ordinary couple return from a house swap in the states to find their home in disarray and their guests seemingly missing.
Four strangers struggle to find shelter on a windswept spike of rock in the middle of a raging sea.
They have one thing in common: they all lied.
And someone is determined to punish them...

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