8 October 2020

New to me authors - July to September 2020

I've read 35 new-to-me authors in 2020 (out of a total of 96 books).
In some cases I have gone on to read a second book by this author.
I should point out here that the titles are not necessarily recently published although most are.

Here is the list for July to September. There are some very good reads amongst them and none have been a waste of time.

  1. 4.6, SINS OF THE DEAD, Lin Anderson 
  2. 4.5, DEAR CHILD, Romy Hausmann 
  3. 4.7, INHERITANCE OF SECRETS, Sonya Bates - Australian
  4. 5.0, THE OTHER PASSENGER, Louise Candlish 
  5. 4.5, THE PUPPET SHOW, M. W. Craven  
  6. 4.4, MEDDLING AND MURDER, Ovidia Yu
  7. 4.5, THIRST, L. A. Larkin - Australian
  8. 4.6, WE BEGIN AT THE END, Chris Whitaker 
  9. 4.5, THE HOLIDAY, T.M. Logan
  10. 4.4, THE BRISBANE LINE, J.P. Powell - Australian
  11. 4.5, THE BOOKSHOP OF YESTERDAYS, Amy Myerson


Laura Pond said...

I have you beat with 61 new to me authors. With the world shutdown from the coronavirus I have read many more books this year than usual.

Kerrie said...

Well done Laura


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