31 December 2020

My Best Reads in 2020

Well, I made it to 118 books for the year.

The target was 120, so I'm quite happy, particularly as I rated so many books quite highly.

The best for the year were

Over half my books, both hard copies and e-books, came through my local library.
Just under 50% of my reads were e-books either on Libby or my Kindle.
A third of my reading came from Australian authors, 49/118 from British authors, and roughly a third are "new-to-me" authors, many of which I have followed up with a second title.
There are some areas where I haven't done so well: translated books, New Zealand authors.

I participated in a number of challenges, notably

  • 2020 Good Reads Reading Challenge. I have set my challenge at 120. Currently: 118
  • Good Reads A-Z of titles: Currently: 21
  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Completed in 2014, titles read in 2020: 3
  • USA Fiction Challenge So far 29/51, this year: 15
  • 2020 Aussie Author Reading Challenge: aiming for 20: currently 39
  • 2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge: aiming for 20. Currently 29
  • Read Around the World 2020: currently: 118
  • British Books Challenge 2020 currently 49
  • 2020 Ebook Reading Challenge currently 57
  • New to me authors - a personal challenge currently  40
  • Not crime fiction - a personal challenge currently 8
  • Nordic reading challenge - a personal challenge, currently 6
  • New Zealand reading challenge -again a personal challenge. currently 2
  • Translated crime fiction - a personal challenge that will overlap with many of the other reading challenges that I have undertaken. currently 9
  • Snagged through the Library currently: 68
  • Audio books: currently: 10
  • 2020 Historical Reading Challenge. Currently: 13

Blogger put up a new platform this year which I avoided swapping to for as long as I could, but eventually had to. It has made some of my record keeping more difficult and probably next year I will cut down on the number of pages that i maintain.

This blog turns 13 on January 2. According to Blogger there have been 2,642,874 page views, there are 3,945 posts, with nearly 10,000 comments. The blog gives me great pleasure.

Happy New Year! 

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shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

Your top 3 favs would be mine too. Congrats on a great year of reading!


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