1 December 2020

What I read in November 2020

 The year rolls on. For part of this month in South Oz we have been in sort of lock-down - they called it a 'pause' where for 3 days we stayed home. It was meant to be longer, but was called off. For some people it was their first experience of being house-bound.

But now restrictions still apply on what we are able to do because we have one that defines social distancing as 1 person to every 4 sq meters, and that looks like it might extend for another week. That really limits what social gatherings can happen - makes things like chess, bridge, backgammon and mah jong very difficult.

But anyway, reading has continued and I am pleased to announce that I have reached 110 books for the year. My target is 120, so in December that will mean 10 books.

In the last month some good reads

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Mary R. said...

I just recently discovered Martha Grimes and have been liking that series so far!


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