16 March 2023

Review: ONE FALSE MOVE, Robert Goddard

  •  this edition provided by my local library
  • Published by Transworld Publishers 2019
  • ISBN 978787630437
  • 339 pages

Synopsis (Fantastic Fiction)

What value can be put on a human mind?

How Joe Roberts does what he does is a mystery. He has a brain that seems able to outperform a computer. To a games company like Venstrom that promises big profits if his abilities can be properly exploited. So they send Nicole Nevinson to track him down and make him an offer too good to refuse.

But Venstrom aren't the only people interested in Joe. His current boss, a shady businessman, is already making serious money out of Joe's talents and isn't going to let him go without a fight. And then there are other forces, with still darker intentions, who have their own plans for him.

Almost before she knows it, Nicole's crossed an invisible line into a world where the game being played has rules she doesn't understand and where no-one can help her win.

But win she must. Because the battle now isn't just for Joe's mind - it's for Nicole's life. 

My Take

Go is an ancient Chinese game of strategy, long believed to provide challenges for the most brilliant minds. Played worldwide it sorts the wheat from the chaff. And Joe Roberts is definitely brilliant, to the point where he can outwit the computer. Joe is only known to have been beaten once. When games company Venstrom detects Joe's ability through his constant winning of their games online, they decide they must have him, and they send Nicole to make him an offer.

But others high in the world of Artificial Intelligence have become aware of Joe's abilities too and are determined to gain control of his mind.

But the plot lost me when it transitioned into the world of international espionage, and I had trouble with credibility. 

My rating: 4.0

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