5 February 2008

Books to Talk About - World Book Day

World Book Day is March 6.
Spread the Word: Books to Talk About is a British/Irish campaign to help people discover books they might not otherwise have considered reading. There were100 books in the original list. 90 of the titles have now been discarded and 10 remain as a shortlist. The original 100 were a very interesting list, but the books were not always categorised in the genre I would have expected to find them in, with a number of crime books categorised under thriller for example.

Anyway, now the short list of 10 has been announced and here are the titles.
I have ** those I would expect to find on crime shelves in a bookshop, although none of them are categorised as crime fiction.

Ishq and Mushq by Priya Basil
Salt & Honey by Candi Miller
Before I Die by Jenny Downham
Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson
Lint by Steve Aylett
Speaking of Love by Angela Young
** In Cold Daylight by Pauline Rowson
** Playing with the Moon by Eliza Graham
Boy A by Jonathan Trigell
Death of a Murderer by Rupert Thomson

In order to comment or vote on the books you need to register http://www.worldbookday.com/spreadtheword/books/book_top-ten.asp so that is probably something I won't do, but I'll certainly be interested in the results of the voting. Must put World Book Day in my diary too.


Kerrie said...

There's a discussion of this over at http://itsacrime.typepad.com/its_a_crime_or_a_mystery/

Pauline Rowson said...

Hi Kerrie, I am one of the authors on the World Book Day Shortlist. My thriller/crime novel is called In Cold Daylight and it came third in the poll of 100 to make the top ten. I'm really pleased to be on the list although understandably nervous about the outcome.You can download the prologue and chapter one free if you click through from the link on my web site. You can also vote from there if In Cold Daylight tickles your fancy!! I love reading crime and thrillers too, but am not fond of the hard bolied stuff. I like a good mystery and hope that I write a good mystery.


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