8 February 2008

SHARK MUSIC by Carol O'Connell - progress report

I've spent most of this week reading SHARK MUSIC (aka FIND ME) by Carol O'Connell
I'm still only about halfway through and I'm not sure why it is taking me so long.
I think it is because I've had to work hard to get a mental picture of what is actually happening.
I keep hoping for an aha! moment, and I have had a few and am not in so much of a fog as I was, but I still need for my ideas to jell.

It is #9 in the Mallory series

Kathy Mallory has stopped turning up for work and there is a body on the floor of the front room of her apartment. Not even Riker, her partner, knows exactly where Mallory is. All he knows is that she is on the run, travelling west from New York, somewhere on what used to be Route 66. More alarming than the corpse on the floor is the massive list of telephone numbers on the wall of the den. And then 800 miles away, in Chicago, a second corpse has been found. Heavy rain is destroying the scene of crime, washing the evidence away. The body is laid out with its arm pointing down Route 80, saying "Follow Me". And then Mallory turns up at the scene of the crime.
Mallory appears to be following a moving caravan of vehicles travelling down the Mother Road, "the main street of USA", variously known as Route 66, Route 80, and the I-55. Leading them is psychiatrist Paul Magritte, almost like a patriarch leading a lost tribe, except that the cars contains parents of missing children.

I'm finding this a particularly creepy and disturbing novel. Has anybody else read it? How is my summary so far?

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Anonymous said...

I read a few of the Mallory books, but just could not get on with them. She is presented in a strange way, as somehow "special", but I could not quite get how or why. I thought the plots dragged a bit, too.


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