13 February 2008

Faces of Miss Marple

Last month Geraldine McEwan announced her retirement from being Miss Marple in the ITV series and the announcement has been made that Julia McKenzie will be her replacement.

I'm not sure whether Julia is old or fluffy enough for the role, but I greatly admire her ability to take on different roles.
Over the years there have been a rather strange procession of Miss Marples haven't there? Seven of them according to the BBC News article.

Julia McKenzie
Geraldine McEwan
Joan Hickson
Helen Hayes
Angela Lansbury
Margaret Rutherford
Gracie Fields were the others.

I have never seen anything with Gracie Fields in it, and Angela Lansbury was about the worst. Margaret Rutherford was very far from my mental image of the old girl, but oh so good at it. Interesting that in her version the producers saw fit to give her a male helper who made her look even better!

It is becoming an iconic role like Dr. Who!


sally906 said...

I don't think any woman has come close to Margaret Rutherford she is the ultimate Miss Marple :)

Kerrie said...

I thought sh was great Sally, just didn't find my mental image - a bit too jolly hockey sticks and not fluffy enough I think. And I don't remember her knitting :-)

Kerrie said...

Found this blog

jeff24678 said...

I have enjoyed all the Miss Marples, but not seen Gracie Fields. But I liked Geraldine McEwan best. But its said Ms. Christy liked Miss Rutherford.


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