30 March 2008

Sunday Salon: getting up to date

This week I've been in Perth (Australia) for 3 days for work, and while the travelling gives me reading time, catching up when you get home again takes time.

I'm supposed to strictly be watching what I eat too, and going out to dinner 3 nights in a row makes me a bit scared of the scales.

Books I've finished this week: the links will take you to my reviews.
Daylight saving in Australia.
The changeover to winter time at 2am this morning in some Australian states has apparently played havoc with computer systems, including those controlling airlines. Even the email server at my ISP has sent every email today twice!
At 2am this morning Perth "went off" daylight saving so we got an extra hour to sleep in, which would have been really good if Qantas hadn't kept SMSing me with new flight departure times from about 5.30 am.
At this moment I think Perth and Brisbane may be the only capital cities not on daylight saving and so the time difference between Perth and Adelaide for this week is 2hrs 30 mins.

Currently reading: THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS by Donna Leon


Anonymous said...

Now for us in the UK it has been the other way round. We have lost an hour. I can cope in the Autumn when we have an extra hour to get use to, but for me this next week will be spent with the equivalent of jet lag as my brain tries to work out what has happened. Being a Bear of very little brain, this takes it a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we traumatically lost an hour, causing havoc with the Petrona Towers domestic arrangements of tennis matches, Sunday jobs and delivery to party trips. But, so far as I know, nothing wrong with the emailing or internet systems;-)
Kerrie, the last 3 books of the 4 you review are on my list so I'm not going to read your reviews yet-- but have bookmarked this post so I can go back and read them when I've read the books concerned. Thanks for the links. Hope you enjoyed Perth.

Megan said...

I feel a little bit pathetic now. You have finished 4 books and I haven't even finished one! I am going to finish one TONIGHT. I am making this public declaration so that I can make myself accountable.

Kerrie said...

don't worry Megan - most weeks I manage only 1 - this week was unusual because I was away from home, and travelling gave me extra reading time

Anonymous said...

I'm am anti-Daylight saving time rebel. :) Happy Sunday

Literary Feline said...

I'm not too fond of the time changes, but I do like having more daylight this time of year. I imagine it's the opposite for you in Australia.

I enjoyed reading your reviews and have made note of the books you listed. I do love a good mystery.

Have a great week!


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