31 March 2008

Time for Another Favourite Author, PD Martin

I wrote about PD Martin's latest novel FAN MAIL back at the beginning of the month. FAN MAIL is the third in the series and I'm sure there will be more. My rating for FAN MAIL was 5.0

PD Martin lives in Melbourne, Australia and developed a passion for crime fiction and story telling at an early age. This interest was backed up with formal education through a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (with majors in psychology and criminology) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Writing (creative writing).

BODY COUNT (2005) was the first in the series
Australia's loss is America's gain. The Victorian Police sent Sophie Anderson on the FBI's International Program, a six week course at Quantico to refine her profiling skills. When the FBI discovered she had dual citizenship she was offered a profiling job with the FBI unit at Quantico. Sophie Anderson brings to the job psychic skills that she barely understands but that she recognises she has had all her life. Sophie specialises in serial killer profiling and is already, after only six months, establishing a reputation for herself. Sophie is assisting her friend Sam Wright with one of her cases, a serial killer operating in Washington DC. At the same time she herself is having some disturbing dreams that prompt her to check the security of her own flat before going to bed every night. When the DC Slasher leaves a personal message for Sam at the site of his latest victim, she is taken off the case and it is handed to Sophie.
My rating 4.4

The second was THE MURDERERS' CLUB (2006)
Put this one on your lists. It is Martin's second novel and better than her first BODY COUNT. The plot is very inventive. A serial killer is on the loose and leaving strangled bodies on or near the campus of the University of Arizona. Central character FBI profiler Sophie Anderson is an Australian from Melbourne who is visiting her friend Darren Carter when he becomes involved in the investigation after the discovery of first two bodies. We have learnt about the Murderers' Club in the prologue, people who meet in a chat room, and who are apparently behind the murders. Who, What, How and Why are all intriguing questions. An excellent, engaging read.
My rating 4.9

You can read more on PD Martin's website

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