1 May 2011

Sunday Salon, May Day 2011

A big week this week. On Friday I retired, and this coming Thursday we begin an overseas trip to Abu Dhabi and the UK. While we are in the UK we will be attending CrimeFest in Bristol and I am looking forward very much to meeting up with some of my cyber pals.

So I'm trying to think about packing, as well as making sure I have enough books on my devices to take with me (no worries with that) as well as scheduling some blog posts for the period that I am away. When I have an internet connection I'll be popping in to add some book reviews too.

Blog Posts this week:
News & Headlines
Currently Reading
  • next - THE FACILITY, Simon Lelic
  • currently on Kindle - VENGEANCE ROAD, Rick Mofina
  • then on Kindle - THE VANISHING OF KATHARINA LINDEN, Helen Grant
  • currently on audio - EYE OF THE RED TSAR, Sam Eastland
  • current Agatha Christie - SAD CYPRESS
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Brian Kavanagh said...

Happy retirement, Kerrie. You realise you will be busier than you have ever been in your life!

Maxine Clarke said...

Congratulations on retiring, Kerrie! Will you be reading even more books, now?!

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations and best wishes with the retirement. Now you'll be busier than ever. Have a safe and wonderful trip (with lots of photos).

Thoughts in Progress

Uriah Robinson said...

Congratulations on your retirement, Kerrie. I hope you enjoy the extra reading time!

Dorte H said...

I wish you a very happy retirement, and I also suspect there will be even more time for reading and reviewing now :D

Bill Selnes said...

Kerrie: Congratulations on retirement. I am sure you will remain busy.

Marg said...

Congratulations on your retirement! How many books are you going to be able to get through now?

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Happy retirement Kerrie. I retired early four years ago and can vouch for the fact that you'll be busier than ever now. I thought I'd have loads more time for reading, but actually I only read a few more than I did before :)

By the way I'm sorry that I won't be attending CrimeFest, but I hope you enjoy it - I'm sure you will.


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