18 December 2011

ACRC Update - final for 2011

If you look at this blog page, you will note that I have created some additional pages to enable me to more easily maintain my updates.
You will see these pages:
As I read another book, I will update these pages.

I have managed to stay on target this year, reading 12 novels and one short story collection during the year, so that currently my count is 34 novels and 12 collections of short stories.  My calculation is that there are 87 titles altogether so at 53% I am now a little over half way on my journey.

The short story collection page also lists the stories I've read in the order of publication:  so far 131 of them. I have no real idea of how many there actually are. Many of the stories appear in more than one collection, which complicates the stats a bit.

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    Anonymous said...

    I really am impressed, Kerrie :-)


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