2 December 2011

My November 2011 reads

I slowed down a bit in November, catching up on a few challenges and listening to a number of audio books. I also read a couple of really long books which slowed my reading down.

My pick of the month was WHISPERING DEATH by Garry Disher

  1. 4.5, DEADLY INTENT, Lynda La Plante- audio
  2. 4.3, THE BURNING, Jane Casey- Kindle
  3. 4.4, A BREWSKI FOR THE OLD MAN, Phyllis Smallman
  4. 4.4, GIDEON'S WEEK, J.J. Marric (aka John Creasey) - audio
  5. 3.8, BEFORE MIDNIGHT, Rex Stout- Kindle
  6. 4.4, GIDEON'S DAY, J.J. Marric (aka John Creasey)- audio
  7. 4.4, THE MOVING FINGER, Agatha Christie- Kindle 
  8. 4.8, THE SUSPECT, L.R. Wright 
  9. 4.5, THE FOUR LAST THINGS, Andrew Taylor - audio
  10. 4.7, A LONELY DEATH, Charles Todd 
  11. 4.8, WHISPERING DEATH, Garry Disher 
  12. 4.3, THE DARK LADY, Sally Spencer


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You still did quite well this month! Glad you found some good 'uns...

Bernadette said...

Good choice for book of the month, I thought that was one of his best yet

Bill Selnes said...

Kerrie: Only you could think reading 12 books in a month was a slow month.

Susan said...

I'm with Bill, only you could say reading 12 books is a slow month! i read 5! Now that's bad, even for my standards. I'm delighted to see you reading JJ Marric again, the Gideon books were among the first mystery series I read as a young adult. I devoured most of them. I've just started thinking about rereading them, though they are difficult to find right now.

I have The Burning on my shelf here to read, and I'm very happy to see you read The Suspect! I read that a couple of years ago. Happy reading, Kerrie. Do you have any special books lined up for Christmas?


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