29 December 2011

Australian crime fiction I read in 2011

My count this year of crime fiction by Australian authors was 16, despite my determination this time last year to attempt to read more.

So among my New Year's resolutions is of course that I will try to read more in 2012. It is not that there aren't plenty on offer!

I've linked each title to my review. (and you'll notice they are not in rating order.)
  1. 4.6, WATCH THE WORLD BURN, Leah Giarratano
  2. 4.8, WHISPERING DEATH, Garry Disher
  3. 4.3, RING OF FIRE, Peter Klein
  4. 4.8, VIOLENT EXPOSURE, Katherine Howell
  5. 4.4, BEREFT, Chris Womersley
  6. 4.8, THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL, Geoffrey McGeachin
  7. 5.0, THE WRECKAGE, Michael Robotham
  8. 3.9, DIAMOND EYES, A. A. Bell
  9. 4.8, COLD JUSTICE, Katherine Howell
  10. 4.3, THE SERPENT AND THE SCORPION, Clare Langley-Hawthorne
  11. 4.2, DARK WATER, Georgia Blain
  12. 4.7, WYATT, Garry Disher
  13. 4.4, D-E-D DEAD! Geoffrey McGeachin
  14. 4.4, THE PERICLES COMMISSION, Gary Corby 
  15. 4.7, PRIME CUT, Alan Carter 
  16. 4.5, THE HALF-CHILD, Angela Savage
I joined the Aussie Author Challenge so I could be in touch with other readers.

If you are interested in ramping up your Australian crime fiction reading here are 4 places you might be interested in:


Marg said...

Every year one of my reading resolutions is to read more Aussie authors. I think this year I have done better than normal!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm always impressed with the amount of reading you accomplish. Thanks for linking to your reviews, too; that's really useful as I look around for "what to read next."

Kerrie said...

I hope the list is useful Margot.

Bernadette said...

I read 38 books by Aussies this year and am very pleased with the result, having made a conscious effort to read more than last year's 20. Not all of mine were crime fiction this year (the vast bulk were though).

Sarah said...

I've just finished 'Bereft' and loved it. I'm not reading any reviews until I've written mine but I thought him a great find.


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