3 May 2012

What I read in April 2012

Crime Fiction 2012
I didn't read so many books in April, and have come to the conclusion that getting to over 160 books this year won't be the doddle that it seemed it might be at the end of March.

My list this month is dominated by library borrowings which just goes to show what a good resource my local library is.
There are a couple of translated books, three audio books,  but it is dominated by British crime fiction.
Once again I've only read one by an Australian author so I'm feeling a bit guilty.

My Pick of the month was a toss up between the first two that I read including the one by the Australian author (4.8, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Wendy James) but in the long run I had to stay with my rating system and choose 5.0, THE CALLER by Karin Fossum

But as you'll see from the list below, I didn't really read one dud title this month.

  1. 4.5, A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES, Ruth Rendell (29 April) - library book
  2. 4.5, THE FALLS, Ian Rankin (29 April) - audio library book
  3. 4.5, GRAVE STONES, Priscilla Masters  (25 April)- audio book
  4. 4.6, TAKEN AT THE FLOOD, Agatha Christie (24 April) 
  5. 4.7, PHANTOM, Jo Nesbo (21 April) - library book
  6. 4.6, WINGS OVER THE WATCHER, Priscilla Masters  (18 April) -audio book
  7. 4.6, LYING DEAD, Aline Templeton (16 April) - library book
  8. 5.0, THE CALLER, Karin Fossum (10 April) - translated, library book
  9. 4.8, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Wendy James (6 April) - library book, Australian


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I think you made an excellent pick-of-the-month!

Maxine Clarke said...

I haven't read that Wendy James but I did very much enjoy The Mistake. I think The Caller is a good choice - it is on my personal shortlist for the Int Dagger this year ;-)

kathy d. said...

Do you have any idea where those of us in the States could find Wendy James' books?

They're not in my library nor at Book Depository or Amazon US.

I do want to read The Mistake to start with, and then perhaps venture on to other books by her.

Kerrie said...

Kathy, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN is published here. Available as an ebook too.
THE MISTAKE was published by Penguin Australia
Booktopia has both but I think postage would be horrendous


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