20 June 2012

e-books holding steady

Figures obtained in a recent poll seem to indicate that, for readers of this blog at least, the proportion of readers who access e-books is sitting at about 3 readers in every 4.

This is similar to what my polls have shown for the last 12 months.

From a personal point of view it does seem that the "hype" has declined in reading e-books. That is, the question is not as dramatic as it once was. I don't expect the percentage of people using e-readers to go much beyond 80% and of course very few will be reading books only in the e-book formats.

My own experience is that I am reading 1 book in 2 in an e-book format. The percentage is higher when I am travelling as I have been recently, simply because it is so much easier to carry a large number of books in that format.


Irene said...

Interesting Stats, I've only just gotten an e reader, haven't started to read on it yet.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for contributing Irene. For everyone just beginning to use an e-reader, I think there will be one or more who stops using one. Their use in schools and universities may make a difference to my predictions.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I think your findings are really interesting. I'm not surprised that e-reader use is levelling out as the novelty wears off, etc.. Interestingly enough, our uni now offers e-books for several courses, so student e-reardership may in fact rise. We shall see...

Marce said...

I love my reader and do prefer to read on it but still need the real book feel also. If I read 3 straight books on my Kindle, I do get the pull for a real book but after 1 I want the Kindle again :-)

kathy d. said...

I'm still a Luddite hold-out, just paper books for me.

However, I am mostly at home so it isn't a travel necessity.


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