16 April 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet - B is for BLACK WATTLE CREEK

Following a pattern established in 2012, my contributions to the Crime Fiction Alphabet in 2013 will feature authors or books that I have read recently.

And my contribution for the letter B is BLACKWATTLE CREEK by Australian author Geoffrey McGeachin.

This is #2 in McGeachin's Charlie Berlin series and every bit as good as the first.

It is set in 1957, 10 years after THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL Charlie Berlin appears to be well established in the Victoria Police and working as a plain clothes detective out of Russell St. in Melbourne.
The Olympics have been successfully held in Melbourne in 1956 and Australia is still reeling from the after effects, including having to accommodate Hungarian political refugees. The Australian government has agreed to allow British atomic scientists to carry out tests Maralinga near Woomera and the first were held just before the Olympics.

The rest of my review is here

See what others have chosen this week for the letter B.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - An excellent choice for B. And this is a good series, too.

Tony said...

This is cool!


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