26 April 2013

Forgotten Book: DEATH MASK, Ellis Peters

My plan this year for my contributions to Friday's Forgotten Books hosted by Pattinase is to feature books I read 20 years ago - in 1993- from the records I have in my "little green book", which I started in 1975. In 1993 I read 111 books and was pretty well addicted to crime fiction by then.

This time 20 years ago I had just finished DEATH MASK by Ellis Peters.


Of course we all know Ellis Peters because of her Brother Cadfael novels and for the fact that historical crime fiction is acknowledged in the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Fiction Award. Ellis Peters was one of the nom de plumes used by Edith Pargeter.

Fantastic Fiction tells me DEATH MASK was a stand alone novel published in 1959.

When archaeologist Bruce Almond is killed on a dig in Greece, his son Crispin returns to Somerset and a mother he barely knows. Convinced his father's death was no accident, Crispin believes even his mother is not free from suspicion, so he baits a clever trap to lure the murderer out of hiding.

Martin Edwards has a nice article about Ellis Peters here.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, this is one I'd not been familiar with before. Peters was prolific! It sounds like an interesting read.


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