21 May 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013: G is for GHOST MONEY, Andrew Nette

Following a pattern established in 2012, my contributions to the Crime Fiction Alphabet in 2013 will feature authors or books that I have read recently.

My contribution this week is Australian author Andrew Nette's GHOST MONEY.


Cambodia, 1996, the long-running Khmer Rouge insurgency is fragmenting, competing factions of an unstable coalition government scrambling to gain the upper hand.

Missing in the chaos is businessman Charles Avery. Hired to find him is Vietnamese Australian ex-cop Max Quinlan. But Avery has made dangerous enemies and Quinlan is not the only one looking. Teaming up with Heng Sarin, a local journalist, Quinlan’s search takes him from the freewheeling capital Phnom Penh to the battle scarred western borderlands.

As the political temperature soars, he is slowly drawn into a mystery that plunges him into the heart of Cambodia’s bloody past. Ghost Money is a crime novel, but it’s also about Cambodia in the mid-nineties, a broken country, and what happens to people who are trapped in the cracks between two periods of history, locals and foreigners, the choices they make, what they do to survive.

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Anonymous said...

Good choice, Kerrie - I liked this one very much.

Anonymous said...

"G" is for "The Ghosts of Ordebec," Fred Vargas' latest book.

Loved it. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 10. The eccentric characters, interesting plot, incredible wit, philosophizing, a pigeon named Hellebaud, Normandy, cows, etc. All great.

This is one book I hated to leave.


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