4 July 2013

New to me crime fiction authors read April to June 2013

I love reading the work of new crime fiction authors, particularly discovering someone whom I can follow over the years.

In 2012 I read 48, and in the year before I read 60, so I think I'm well on track to meet a target something like that. By the end of March I had read 18 this year and I've kept that pace up, having now read 37.
Many of these new authors have been Australian as you'll see from the list of reviews below.
It has been hard to choose the best because, as you will have noticed, quite a number scored highly.
My choice is ROTTEN GODS by Greg Barron

See what others have chosen in this meme for April to June 2013


Anonymous said...

I read The Earth Hums in B Flat and loved it, and, yes, Mari Strachan was new to me, too.

Also, Derek B. Miller who wrote Norwegian by Night.

I wish I had more to list but I seem to have fallen back on U.S. writers who aren't new to me but write good legal thrillers.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I like the variety in the books you've read. And you've reminded me that I want to read Rotten Gods.

Marce said...

I have only read 1 author, Sophie Hannah, and I wasn't a fan of the one I read.

It is great that all were good though.

NancyO said...

Hi -- just FYI -- HilaryMantel's novel isn't exactly crime fiction, but rather historical fiction about Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour, and Henry VIII. I do love Australian crime so I'll be looking for the ones you have listed here!

ginaunn said...

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