26 February 2014

Review: DYING FALL, Elly Griffiths - audio book

  • Book 5 in the Ruth Galloway series
  • published 2012
  • format - audio book available through Audible
  • narrator Clare Corbett
  • Length: 10 hours 26 mins
Synopsis (Audible)

Ruth Galloway receives a phone call that bears shocking news. A friend of hers from college, Dan Golding, has been killed in a fire at his Lancashire home. Her shock turns to alarm when she gets a letter from Dan. He has made a discovery that will change archaeology forever but he needs Ruth's advice. Even more alarming, he sounds vulnerable and frightened.

DCI Harry Nelson is also rediscovering his past. Up north for a holiday, he meets his former colleague Sandy MacLeod, now at Blackpool CID. Sandy tells him there are strange circumstances surrounding Dan Golding's death. Many of those who worked with Dan seem to be afraid.

Many have secrets to hide. Ruth is drawn deep into the mystery, and where she goes, so does her toddler daughter, Kate. This time, it's not just Ruth's life at risk.

My take

This book ticked all the boxes for me. It wasn't just that Clare Corbett's narration was excellent, but so was the plotting.

Ruth's friend Dan, whom she hasn't seen since they were students together, contacts her because he wants her to help him to verify the most significant archaeological find of his life. By the time Ruth decides she will go to Blackpool to see what he is talking about, Dan is dead. She goes to Blackpool taking Druid friend Cathbad and her daughter Kate with her. And then she starts to get messages of discouragement, even threats to her welfare.

I like the way the author manages to keep Ruth and Kate's father Harry Nelson meeting up. Their paths     in Blackpool inevitably cross when Dan's death is verified as a murder. There is high degree of tension and suspense in the later stages of the novel.

Excellent reading.
My rating : 4.8

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1 comment:

Susan said...

I really enjoyed this mystery. I read it last year. I've read them all and am waiting for the new one to come out next month. I love the NOrfolk setting, and the style of the books draws me right in. I don't normally like present tense novels, but in this series, it works perfectly. The characters are well-drawn and realistic and grow with each book - there is a progression in the storylines that I like, too, from book to book. And always a little suspenseful and hint of otherworldliness that makes these interesting mysteries, different from others.


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