14 March 2014

Progress Report - British Reading Challenge 2014

British Books Challenge 2014 hosted by Feeling Fictional

The aim is to read at least 12 books by British authors. As I've said before, this is really not much of a challenge for me as I read so much British crime fiction, so the challenge is really just a way of keeping my records.

I have already completed my initial target of 12 books, and so will continue record keeping for the remainder of the year to see how my total compares with last year when I read 51 books by British authors.

  1. 4.6, BLOOD FROM STONE, Frances Fyfield
  2. 4.4, THIRD GIRL, Agatha Christie
  3. 4.6, THE FUNERAL OWL, Jim Kelly 
  4. 4.8, LIFE AFTER LIFE, Kate Atkinson
  5. 4.6, BLOODLAND, Alan Glynn 
  6. 4.1, THE DIVIDED CHILD, Ekaterine Nikas
  7. 4.5, DEATH SURGE, Pauline Rowson
  8. 4.4, NOWHERE TO GO, Iain Rowan
  9. 4.8, BITTER WATER, Gordon Ferris
  10. 4.5, BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS, Agatha Christie
  11. 4.4, ENDLESS NIGHT, Agatha Christie
  12. 4.4, MURDER IN THE MEWS, Agatha Christie
  13. 4.8, DYING FALL, Elly Griffiths - audio book
  14. 4.6, THE MINOR ADJUSTMENT BEAUTY SALON, Alexander McCall Smith

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Anonymous said...

Well done you, Kerrie! I'm impressed.


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