16 March 2014

Recent Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival posts

The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge continues this year.
Some of us, including me, must be getting close to the end of our journey, but there are new people joining the challenge all the time.

I was travelling during in January and February and didn't get around to doing Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival summaries, so here they are for January and February.

The March AGRC Carnival is waiting for your contributions.

January's contributions
1. Review: ENDLESS NIGHT @ Tipping My Fedora
2. Agatha Christie's Marple - Endless Night - ITV review
4. Kerrie - Review: THIRD GIRL
5. Notes on SPARKLING CYANIDE @ Christie in a Year
6. Yvette / The Mysterious Affair at Styles PBS
7. Marpleising ENDLESS NIGHT
8. Notes on PARTNERS IN CRIME @ Christie in a Year
9. Article: Life of Dame Agatha Christie
10. Full reading list published on the Christie site
11. PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES; Moira @ Clothes in Books
February's contributions
1. Five Little Pigs (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
2. Crooked House - Moira @ClothesInBooks
3. Appointment with Death (Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

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