3 March 2014

What I read in February 2014

I was on a cruise ship for the last month and that gave me plenty of reading time.
I used my Kindle and the Kindle App on my iPad.

There are 20 books in the following list and a real smorgasbord of styles.
If you are looking for Australian authors, there are 5 of them here.
I managed to do quite a bit of reading for the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.
My Pick of the Month was DYING FALL by Elly Griffiths.


Anonymous said...

You had a good reading month, Kerrie!

Irene said...

Well you had a great month, now I suppose you know heaven does exist.

Bill Selnes said...

I am amazed. When I was on a cruise for 20 days I think I read 3 books.

Marina Sofia said...

Wow, seems like there was nothing else to do on that cruise except read? Joking, but what a good reading month!


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