5 January 2010

Aussie Author Challenge Update #1

Aussie Author Challenge

This one is being run by Book Lover Book Reviews.
I'm signing up for the FAIR DINKUM challenge which requires me to read 8 titles by at least 5 different Aussie authors.

In 2009 I read 20 books by Aussie authors so I should be able to do this easily, although of course mine will have that extra little challenge of being all crime fiction titles.

  1. TRUTH, Peter Temple


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You've made a good start : ).

Louisiana said...

Every year when I look back at the books I have read during the year there are usually two thoughts that cross my mind. The first is that I really, really need to read some classics, and the second is that I really don't read enough Aussie authors.


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