27 January 2010

Kreative Blogger Award

Many thanks to Margot at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist for this lovely award. I must pay tribute to Margot's whose blog and knowledge of crime fiction is truly inspiration. Every day she posts on a new facet of crime fiction, that she indeed personifies creativity.

The award seems to have 2 conditions:
* first of all I have to reveal 7 hitherto unknown "facts" about myself.
* secondly I have to hand the award on to 7 other bloggers.

7 unknown facts about me (well, you may not know them)
  1. I have crossed several continents by bus, train, or car: Australia from Adelaide to Darwin and return; Great Britain (I know, not a continent!) from Lands End to John of Groats by bus and train; USA from San Francisco to New Orleans by Greyhound Bus; USA from New York to Los Angeles by car; Asia from Kathmandu to Istanbul by bus; Europe from Constantinople to London by bus.
  2. I flew out of Darwin to Bali the day before Cyclone Tracy hit in 1974
  3. I am the proud owner of an Australian Centenary medal for services to sport.
  4. I was once a passionate stamp collector
  5. I have a little green book that records all the books I have read since the beginning of 1975.
  6. Over the years I have been a competitive swimmer, and played tennis, squash, netball, and hockey.
  7. I have been to Hell (Norway) and have a passport stamp to prove it. I've also kissed the Blarney Stone - I guess that helps in blogging.
My Awardees (with apologies to those I have not chosen - please don't feel rejected.)
  1. My good friend Bernadette at Reactions to Reading, whom I admire greatly for her ability to incisively say what she likes and doesn't like. Bernadette is also my partner in Fair Dinkum Reviews.
  2. Biblibio who approached me today with a very creative survey about book bloggers.
  3. Elizabeth Frengel who blogs at Miss Lemon's Mysteries - she writes wonderful "in character" posts.
  4. Nan at Letters from a Hill Farm who writes a wonderfully varied blog. I love today's post Mrs Bale reporting on the January Thaw.
  5. Margaret at Books Please who writes an entertaining and yet very gentle blog.
  6. Patti Abbott who blogs at Pattinase with energy and variety.
  7. Jennifer at Reading with Tequila who always seems to have a new venture.


Bernadette said...

Most kind Kerrie. I shall have to ponder whether or not to share 7 things about myself - I mean there are many things I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you (and despite having read all that crime fiction I'm not confident of getting away with murder)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - What an interesting life you've led!! I didn't know what a swimmer you are!

I haven't checked out all of your awardees, but in my opinion, Bernadette, Nan and Patti more than qualify! Bernadette's book reviews are absolutely superb, and Nan's blog is fantastic. Patti's wonderful blog always has something interesting to read, too.

BooksPlease said...

Thanks Kerrie.
Oh my! You have been everywhere, and done so many things.

Now, what can I write about myself, I wonder.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thank you, Kerrie. You're my female mainstay on Forgotten Books. And I am very grateful for your commitment to that and books in general.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Kerrie-I will attempt to pass this on, but I have done these things a few times now so I may have no luck.

Dorte H said...

Congratulations on your award!

A stamp collector? So was I, thirty years ago :D

Elizabeth Frengel said...

Miss Lemon is beside herself with gratitude. Your lovely blog and the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge have been a great inspiration. (And the perfect forum for Miss M.!) Thanks ever so much!


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