17 January 2010

Sunday Salon - 17 January 2010

In case you haven't been to my blog before - I read and review almost exclusively crime fiction.
So if you too are a crime fiction enthusiast, you are in the right place.
If you aren't, well maybe I can persuade you to give reading crime fiction a try.

I am a great believer that a blog post can be the beginning of a conversation.
Blogging is the beginning of a Conversation
This blog, if you explore, can introduce you to a whole community of crime fiction bloggers that you were previously not aware of.
Of course the conversation really only happens if you leave a comment or take part in other activities that the blog offers.

I'm also writing from a part of the world you may never have visited - Adelaide in South Australia.
Adelaide stages a Writers' Week every 2 years, that is almost free. It is happening this year 28 February - 5 March. I won't be around this year but if you are interested you can find details here.

In the last week I've published a number of lists for the best crime fiction books we read in 2009.
These are not necessarily books published in 2009, so many of them will be available from your local library. The lists make a good starting point for your reading.
If you are still looking for some challenges to participate in during 2010 then check the ones I'm in:
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  • now - THE BRASS VERDICT - Michael Connelly
  • next - KILLING HANDS, PD Martin
  • audio (in the car) - THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER - Edgar Allan Poe
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