10 January 2010

Sunday Salon - 10 January 2010 - sweltering downunder

Greetings everyone from Adelaide in South Australia in the middle of a heatwave, sweltering today at 43C. Not a lot of relief in sight either.

The main thing for readers on my blog this week has been the release of Our best reads in 2009 - the books. If you are looking for some crime fiction recommendations then this is the list to take to the bookshop or library with you.

To do on my blog this week:
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Currently reading:
  • now - BLOOD BORN, Kathryn Fox
  • next - KILLING HANDS, PD Martin
  • audio (in the car) - A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Charles Dickens
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Marg said...

Adelaide has been so hot recently! Hope you manage to keep cool

Deb said...

Although I don't envy you the swealtering heat, I'm in the southern United States and we haven't been above freezing for the last three days. It's unusual this far south to have hard-freeze warnings or to see people putting coverings over their plants and bushes. We've had to leave our taps running (pencil-thin stream, as the TV weatherman tells us) all night.


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