17 January 2010

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Summarising the letter M

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction - a Community Meme.

The letter for the week beginning 11 January was the Letter M

This week we had 12 contributors and welcomed raidergirl3 and Violette. I'm really enjoying the variety of recommendations that are emerging.

Tomorrow, 18 January, we will be featuring the letter N.
If you read and write about crime fiction, we'd love to have your contribution. It is really very easy - just write a post on your blog about a crime fiction writer or book where the author's first or last name or the title of the book begins with the letter N, and then come in to tomorrow's post and put the URL of your post into Mr Linky.

Contributions for the letter M:
See other letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M

1 comment:

BooksPlease said...

I'm running late, what with one thing and another - catching up with reviews and getting my blog on a new server. Anyway I've just posted my contribution for the letter M - Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin.


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