4 January 2010

2010 Global Reading Challenge Update #1

I am restricting my participation in the 2010 Global Reading Challenge to crime fiction titles, but participants can use books of any genre of their choosing.
Join the challenge here.

create your own visited country map

The Expert Challenge
Read two novels from each of these continents in the course of 2010:



North America (incl Central America)

South America

Add two novels which are set in Antarctica.

Select novels from fourteen different countries or states.: My count so far: 1


raidergirl3 said...

I first heard or noticed Peter Temple just 10 minutes ago, and now I see it here. That's a sign!

I was thinking of this challenge, but I love the idea of reading mysteries from around the world. I think I am going to copy you, if you don't mind, and I have a few already planned, so this should be easy.

Kerrie said...

That's fine with me Raider Girl.
You might like to look at how Bernadette is going to do her summary posts.

Dorte H said...

But I hope there will be some Australasian reviews of other authors before too long as I am also reading Peter Temple! Participants may begin to believe he is the only one :D


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