25 January 2010

Adelaide Writers Week 28 Feb - 5 March 2010

I've noticed a number of people arriving at my website after searching for the 2010 Programme for Adelaide Writers Week, so thought I'd better have a post directing them to where to locate details.
(I have had it in my headlines for a week or so now)

Check the details here.
Lists of the attending authors, both Australian and international .
The calendar is online here.

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Mr Bearly said...

Fantastic, I found you while looking for information on Writers Week.

I see that you are an avid reader of Mystery novels. My site has the beginnings of a couple of new ones that might interest you which are being written almost in public.

The site in question is linked though my name, as you suggested, and is still fairly new.

You might like to keep an eye on it for the new authors who are already gathering.

All welcome, readers and writers alike. Join the conversation.


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