3 January 2010

December 2009 reads

December was a pretty good month for me and it was nice to finish the year with a couple of real top notchers

4.4, PUNTER'S LUCK, Peter Klein (29 December)
4.8, THE SERPENT POOL, Martin Edwards (26 December)
4.9, DEATH WORE WHITE, Jim Kelly (24 December)
4.2, PARTNERS IN CRIME, Agatha Christie (20 December)
4.4, IF THE DEAD RISE NOT, Philip Kerr (16 December)
4.2, EXECUTIVE LUNCH, Maria E. Schneider (10 December)
4.1, A SHILLING FOR CANDLES, Josephine Tey (6 December)
4.2, TOO CLOSE TO HOME, Linwood Barclay (2 December)

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