1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

What New Year's resolutions did you make?

  • take all those library books back and be more restrained in my borrowing in future.
  • Reduce Mount TBR
  • Cull and dispose of those books that I'll never read again.
What about you? What are you going to do?


Bernadette said...

Kerrie I approve of your first one, share your second one and have already had a jolly good shot at your third one during the last couple of months.

I'm going to buy fewer books (I've got enough for the whole year on Mount TBR already) by instituting a 'no impulse buying' rule. We'll see how that goes :)

Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Happy New Year to you, too : ). Like you and Bernadette, one of my resolutions is to dive into my TBR pile. Don't know how deep I'll get, but I'll sure try!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I think all of your resolutions sound fine. They are my intentions as well. 2010 is the year of new perspective, new focus and self-nurture for me. Happy New Year!

Janet Rudolph said...

Ditto on all three. The first is easy since I don't go to the library as much as I used to. Reducing the TBR mountain...hmm... I'm trying. Cull and dispose. Yep, I've started that, but somehow there are always replacements. :-)

Have a wonderful New Year. May it be filled with mystery and chocolate!

Used Machinery said...

Happy New Year everyone, i want you people to be happy, to be successful in your goals, and may all you have your lives with full of Enjoyment!

PK the Bookeemonster said...

For 2010:
First, the dreaded lose weight resolution. HAVE to do it this year; last year's illness and immobility wreaked havoc. :)
2nd: reading more "big books" in my personal TBR. I've been avoiding them in order to hit my number of reads goal.
3rd: I can't do the buy fewer books goal because I just got a Kindle. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! May this year be the best of the best. :)

Louisiana said...

Happy New Year to all of the people in the world! How are you going to celebrate?

Used Machinery said...

I'm searching on the internet but not one website informs when the Chinese new year ends for this year 2010. I understand it began already on the 14th of Feb.


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