31 December 2009

Farewelling 2009

You'll have to forgive me for recycling some images I found last year but I'm quite taken with these.

Tonight we are off to town with friends for dinner and to see Adelaide's fireworks show.

I thought I'd indulge in a little reflection on 2009.
  • I haven't read quite as many books as last year - just 104, which makes my total since I have begun to keep records (1975) of 2,864 in the last 35 years - an average of 82 a year.
  • I've written 546 blog posts on MiP this year, an increase of nearly 100 on last year, after thinking I had written too many then. That's nearly 3 every 2 days! I need to exercise some restraint!
  • According to my main counter nearly 91,000 people have visited this blog - that's over 65,000 this year - but I suspect that one counts if your finger even twitches on the keyboard.
  • This year I created the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival, and we also had the Agatha Christie Blog Tour, with lots of generous and knowledgeable participants in both. I'll keep that up next year.
  • I played around with various memes and the most successful has been the Crime Fiction Alphabet which has a coterie of about 10 bloggers contributing. That has been great fun and we are just halfway through the alphabet with some challenging letters to come.
  • In mid year Bernadette, Sunnie and I created a new blog called Fair Dinkum Book Reviews where we post copies of our reviews. That seems to have been quite successful and has attracted a small following.
It has been a great year, emphasising for me the value of networking in the blogosphere. I enjoy writing my blog, and visiting the blogs of others. I'm sure it all adds to my appreciation of crime fiction.

So if you are a visitor to my blog, regular or not, thanks for coming; and if you've left comments, thanks for the encouragement. I hope to hear again from you in the new year.

So farewell the old year with gusto, and think about those new year resolutions!

But please, if you drink, don't drive!


Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I hope you have a lovely New Year!

I can't believe that you have kept records of your reading since 1975. I wish that I had done it for that long. I've got my list since 1993.

I hope to be around more in 2010. Always enjoy checking in with you for great mystery stuff.

Kerrie said...

Enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations Kay. May 2010 hold lots of lovely criem fiction reading

Bernadette said...

Good grief - holiday spam (the above comment) (which Kerrie might have deleted by the time you read this in which case you'll just have to take my word for it).

Hope you have a great New Year's Eve Kerrie and let's wish for a cool start to the new year as well as for great reading and blogging in 2010. Thanks for all your reviews and meme hosting and general good spiritedness in 09.

Kerrie said...

Yes, I'm still thinking about deleting it Bernadette. Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You've had quite a year, and I'm truly in awe of what you've accomplished. Happy New Year!!

Used Machinery said...

Are you looking forward to 2010 or do you want more of 2009?


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