9 December 2009

Carnivals, Memes, and Lists

Crime fiction readers are always hungry for recommendations and reviews.

So, if you've found your way to my blog, I guess you might be interested in finding some of these places that are specific to crime fiction.

If you are a blogger who reviews Crime fiction, then here are some places you can contribute to.


Ariel Heart contacted me this week about a new Carnival she has initiated:
The inaugural post of the Mystery & Crime Fiction Blog Carnival is now available.

I've been contributing for sometime to the Book Review Blog Carnival.
While this is a much more general Carnival, its organiser, Clark Bjorke, has always been good enough to accept my offerings.
This is a carnival that is hosted fortnightly on rostered blogs. I hosted it back in April and am due to host it again in February 2009.
The current issue is at Necromancy Never Pays

Currently there is a carnival running under the name of the Blog Advent Virtual Tour.
My participation was back on December 1, but the advent tour will continue until Chistmas. Again it isn't just for crime fiction addicts, but do check out the calendar.

Another Carnival that may be of interest is the monthly Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival. This is one that I run and it is hosted here.


I am currently running two memes that may be of interest.

The Crime Fiction Alphabet Community meme is a weekly one, where each week contributors have to write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week.
The post MUST be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname. They then come back to the site and leave a link to their post. Currently we are "working on" the letter J.

The other meme is a seasonal one: Suggest a Christmas Title. This is not restricted to crime fiction contributors but so far many of the suggested titles are crime fiction.

Rooms and Lists

If you are looking for communities of crime fiction readers that you can join, then the following may be of interest.
Crime Fiction Blogs

If you are looking for other crime fiction blogs to follow than check Crime Fiction Journeys - all the blogs I'm watching


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You really are such a rich resource for all things crime fiction : ). Thanks for organizing these for us.

Maxine Clarke said...

Great round-up post, Kerrie, I agree with Margot.
The "recommend a series" idea (Petrona post) might be suitable for a meme, if anyone wants to start one (perhaps when the Christmas one is finished, or even when the alphabet one is over?)


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