28 December 2009

A blog to marvel at

Many thanks to Margot at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist who has given me this award.

I 'discovered' Margot as a novelist when I reviewed her novel PUBLISH OR PERISH earlier this year. [I should perhaps really say that Margot 'discovered' me and asked me if I'd review PUBLISH OR PERISH if she sent me a copy. ]

Margot has been writing her Confessions blog just since August this year. In it she shows an incredible knowledge of the crime fiction genre, in particular Agatha Christie. Everyday she comes up with a new thought provoking idea. I've often thought how I'd love to sit in on her lectures. In case you think my blog topic today is about my blog, it isn't - the blog to marvel at is Margot's.

Do visit Margot's blog and see the list of other bloggers she has given this award to. They are well worth visiting and adding to your growing list.

One of the comments Margot makes is that she has learnt so much from other bloggers and I couldn't let the occasion go past without reinforcing that too. In the 2 years (almost) that I have been blogging I have gravitated into a supportive group of crime fiction enthusiasts (Crime and mystery fiction on FriendFeed) who add so much to each other's delight in reading and discovering new authors and titles.

One of Margot's other awardees, Martin Edwards, commented in a post the other day how "the online community can exert an influence over the creative process that is completely unexpected by all concerned."He was commenting how a blog post by Nan from Letters from a Hill Farm had supplied the exact thing he was looking for to solve a problem he was having in writing his new novel THE SERPENT POOL. Nan contributes to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival too, so blogging really does bring the world closer doesn't it?


Bernadette said...

I agree with everything you say Kerrie - Margot's blog is wonderfully thought-provoking and informative, it was lovely to receive her award and the blogging community - especially the fellow crime fiction bloggers who I spend most time with - are a great source of recommendations and ideas and serendipitous moments of joy.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for the kind words (and thanks to you, too, Bernadette). You're both right that the best part of being in this community is what we learn from one another and how we help one another. For that, I am grateful, and let's have a wonderfully mysterious and criminally-minded 2010 : ) .

Mason Canyon said...

Kerrie, you're words are so true about Margot. Her blog inspires me daily. Not only does she inform with her blog subjects, but she also introduces new and unique sites to visit. Thought I'd drop by and say hi, since I found your site on Margot's blog.
Congratulations on the award.

Dorte H said...

More applause for Margot! I wouldn´t have time to work or write if I tried to write such inspiring and thorough posts every day.

Used Machinery said...

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