16 December 2009

Progress Report: THE DEVIL'S PEAK, Deon Myer

In the car I'm listening to THE DEVIL'S PEAK by Deon Meyer. I'm only just about half way through the 15 hours of the book, and with holidays coming up, I'm not going to finish it any time soon, most probably not this year.

I'm sharing the Audible blurb with you, but in reading it I realised that I've found out something that I didn't know even though I'm well into the book.

Here is the blurb from Deon Meyer's own site:

About the book

My name is Benny Griessel and I am an alcoholic.

"Hello, Benny," said thirty-two voices in a happy chorus.

"Last night I drank a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and I hit my wife. This morning she kicked me out the house. I have gone one day without drinking. I am here because I can't control my drinking. I am here because I want my wife and children and my life back."

But getting his life back won't be easy for Detective Inspector Benny Griessel of Cape Town's Serious and Violent Crimes Unit, because there is a vigilante killer on the loose - a ruthless executioner with a personal vendetta against the scum committing crimes against children.

With the media screaming, politicians turning up the heat, his young, inexperienced colleagues bumbling, and the body count rising, Griessel has to resort to the desperate measure of setting a trap.

But his brilliant plan does not quite take into account the love of a sex worker for her child, the ruthlessness of the deadly Sangrenegra drug cartel or his own passion for the healing powers of the bottle.

Karen Meek of EuroCrime has a nice review of the audio version that I am listening to.

I've also learnt tonight that the novel was originally published in Afrikaans (2004) and then translated into English in 2007.

Want to find out more about the novel?
You're going to have to wait a few weeks for my review though. Am I enjoying it? yes!


Bernadette said...

I loved this book (though didn't listen to it). I don't have your kind of patience though - I'd have to finish listening sooner than next year!

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