8 December 2009

Book Comes to Life

Many thanks to Nick Gadd, Australian author of the Ned Kelly Award winner GHOSTLINES for pointing to this New Zealand Book Council animation of GOING WEST by Maurice Gee

If the embedded video doesn't work go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jyXJTlrH0


R/T said...

Thank you for posting and sharing the splendid video clip. Since you have a good perspective on mystery/crime fiction from Australia and New Zealand, I wish to ask you a question: What short list of authors and particular books from those countries would you recommend to me (i.e., someone whose preferences in British authors, for example, includes Colin Dexter and P.D. James, especially because of their protagonists and the emphasis on more "literary" police procedural mystery).

Kerrie Smith said...

R.T. your tastes are very similar to mine - you might like to check my Criminal Minds posts: Murder in the Outback and No. 18

For New Zealand authors can I suggest you visit Craig Sisterson's blog Crime Watch

R/T said...

Thank you!
FYI, American editions of works from Australia and New Zealand are prominently marketed here by Soho Press, a fine imprint with an impressive annual catalogue full of releases.
I shall now begin my search for some of the authors and titles you've so generously suggested.
By the way, more than twenty years ago I spent a week in Perth (WA), and I regret that my "tourist" mentality took me to many places but did not include any bookstores; I'm still kicking myself about missing out on browsing for books in Perth because those souveneirs would have been much more worthwhile than the BlackBoy wooden vase and the assorted postcards and photos.

Australian Bookshop said...

What a fantastic clip. It's almost clay-mation in style. Thanks for sharing.


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