20 December 2009

Sunday Salon, 20 December 2009

As we gallop towards Christmas celebrations with the shopping only half done, reading seems to have gone a bit onto the backburner, although this week I did manage to finish (and review) my 100th book for the year.

Last week I reported that I had joined J Kaye's 100+ Reading Challenge for 2010. and this week I have another challenge to bring to your notice.

Dorte from DJs krimiblog is organising a global challenge in which you try to read up to 14 books set all over the world. The books can be from any genre but there is a maximum of 2 per continent which will be challenging for some of us. Check it out!

How have you gone with giving books for Christmas? I must admit I haven't done all that well, although with Christmas shopping on the agenda for later today, perhaps I will be able to add a few more.

Things to check on my Blog
  • The Frappr map experiment was a great success and I will use it next year. Check the results: there are 21 entries. The way I want to use it in the future is for people to add book images by location.
  • The Suggest a Christmas title activity has also been a great success. So far there are nearly 40 entries. They are not restricted to crime fiction and it is not too late to be part of it.
  • In the Crime Fiction Alphabet we suggested titles for the letter K this week. Tomorrow we start the letter L. It is not too late to join in if you are a crime fiction blogger - or crime fiction is just one of the genres you read. We are having a mini-break after Christmas and re-commencing the last 14 letters of the alphabet with M on January 11.
  • Do you read Agatha Christie? Do you write about her novels on your blog? Then join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, participate in the monthly Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival. The next one will be posted on December 23.
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Currently reading:
  • PARTNERS IN CRIME, Agatha Christie
  • audio (in the car) - THE DEVIL'S PEAK, Deon Myer
  • on line - THE DOG WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, Alexander McCall Smith chapt 70
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PK the Bookeemonster said...

I've been doing a version of the Alphabet on my blog and I'm a few letters behind. I'm doing a Historical Crime Fiction alphabet and I'm currently on "f". So, participating if a little off ... which is typical of me.
My reading goal for 2009 was to average 10 books per month or 120 books. I'll just make it I think. My goal for 2010 was to read some of the big honkin' books I have on hand such as the Dorothy Dunnett Lymond series and a perhaps a couple others. Yup, after I decided that I discovered a couple challenges for it: Read Your Own Books (RYOB) and 2010 Chunkster Challenge. There's a reading challenge for just about anything -- like we need encouragement or something. :)

Kerrie said...

Good to hear from you PK - the challenges become a justification rather than a challenge sometimes don't they?

Dorte H said...

Thank you for posting about my challenge. The five most recent members are bloggers I don´t really know so I think some of them have come from here :D


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